ADP Freedom is a web enabled payroll service solution available as a processing or managed service.

Eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks, it helps businesses make cost savings and allows staff to concentrate on core activities. Most importantly, it guarantees efficient, accurate and secure payroll processing. 

Ultimately, ADP Freedom is an integrated 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) payroll and HR solution, which removes the need for costly software updates and reduces the risks associated with non-compliance.

How does ADP Freedom work?

ADP offers two levels of web-based service:

ADP freedom ps: Suitable for businesses with a headcount of 50 staff or above, this option is an in-house software solution, which helps remove the cumbersome and time-consuming tasks associated with payroll processing.

ADP freedom ms: A fully-managed end-to-end payroll service which encompasses payslip admin, data inputting, checking and BACs transfers. ADP experts will also liaise with HMRC at tax year end on your behalf. This alternative is ideal for companies of 100+ employees.

What are the benefits of using this solution?

  • Payroll: Facilitates all payroll processing, including back pay and sickness management. Updates are made in real time and the flexible system allows for integration with existing benefits platforms. 
  • Resourcing: Our solution encourages attraction through easy vacancy management and improves retention by actively managing talent. Reporting tools also allow for accurate resource forecasting so businesses can ensure their headcount is sufficient.
  • Development: To help managers and team leaders, ADP freedom manages the appraisal and performance measurement processes, assists in defining succession plans, delivers training and can carry out skills evaluations to determine gaps.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools: Simplifies the monthly reporting of management information, allows better budget management and enables simpler data analysis so any trends can be spotted easily.
  • Streamlined processes: Alleviating mundane administration, the system utilises best practice and legally-compliant techniques to file documents electronically, log data and meet disaster recovery and back-up aims. In addition, it promotes employee empowerment via the self-service portal.
  • Web-based: Constantly updated by ADP experts with the most relevant information to reduce risk. There is no need for no need for internal payroll IT software, servers or maintenance, thus cost savings are a given.


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